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Default Re: Browns game thread

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
I think DA is smarter than people think.

He doesn't want to stay on the team when he feels he can possibly start somewhere else. So by saying what he said, maybe it will get Mangina to trade him somewhere.
DA DOES deserve some credit...he's got an extremely limited amount of talent, but he's managed to parlay that little bit (it's really only about 2 months of success way back in early 07 when nobody knew anything about him and he was tossing short balls behind a GREAT OL) into multiple millions, and he may have garnered himself some long-term shelf life in the NFL by Mangina artificially expounding his limited skills.

He's like the Charlie Weiss of NFL coaches....and, although it's dirty and wrong to exploit peoples expectations for money, you have to give them a LITTLE credit for fooling people at the highest levels...and they both are rich from their lies...
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