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Default Re: Titans/ Steelers radio?

I cant ge the game pass here or Id be all over it. I rely on JUSTIN v for most of my games....

Speaking of which there is the steers 08 specil on NFL network now....

All I can say is Troy is not only a great FB player but maybe the best person Ive ever seen.

I have to admit watching this has brought tears to my eyes twice, about time the 8 team is given the respect it deserved.

Thank you Toney, I'll look into it, but I was hoping for a freebie.

Also Toney Im sorry for being a dick to you sence Ive been back, yes I did have it out for you, I was banned because of my post to yo, but man its water under the bridge dont disrespect me and I peommise I wont you. I will not be that way anymoe, its childish and unproductive..... however I will debate you on isssues, but I wont get personal.
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