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Default Re: I've got a C-4 and an L-4,5...

That sucks Suit. I work in rehab. You are definately not the first person to screw up their lumbar spine making a bed. Its pretty hard to maintain ideal body mechanics while you are doing it, especially if its a big bed or you are in a rush and don't want to walk around to both sides.

Regarding chiropracters.... I don't work with them at all and I have a bias towards MDs and physical therapists instead. That being said, I think there are a lot of really good chiropracters out there who help a lot of people. I would always check to see if they had any complaints registered with their state board before I used one. There is a higher risk for harm being done to you whenever manipulations are involved, so you want to make sure the person has diagnosed things right and has explored more conservative options. And if you find one that starts saying he can cure your cold or athlete's foot or whatever wiht a manipulation... run, crawl, roll - get away by whatever means you can...
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