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Default Re: Merriman busted for battery, false imprisonment

Originally Posted by Steeldude View Post
this is what i have heard.

merriman was reportedly stopping her from getting in her car because she was drunk. according to tila tequila she is allergic to alcohol. when police arrived they reported that she was drunk. also, in her twitter blog she stated that her and merriman were drinking and having a good time. turns out she is not allergic to alcohol.

the woman is a dirty nutcase.
Not to mention, you can't BE allergic to alcohol. It's scientifically impossible -- too small of a molecule to trigger an allergic response. Plenty of people are allergic to other things commonly found IN the booze, but no one is allergic to alcohol itself. And those allergies don't make you more drunk either, just red in the face. It's a lame excuse for people trying to cover up the fact that they can't hold their liquor.

In the very, VERY rare cases where people have a medical reaction to alcohol itself, less than one shot will kill you.
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