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Default Re: Big Ben's bonuses and the cap....

Originally Posted by Dook
I was wrong about Hartings, he costs $4.2m to keep and $3.6m to release him so there's not much benefit to letting him go.

Consider the signings we have to make:
Kimo-wants a raise, give him a 3yr contract
Hope, deserves a long term contract
Taylor, deserves a long term contract
Tuman, 2 or 3 year contract for same money he makes now
Harrison, deserves a huge raise

It also depends on whether Townsend and Randel El depart, if they stay it's probably a done deal that we lose Joey.
Hartings will retire, and i believe that nullifies any contract obligations.

We've gone around on this merry-go-round before, but...

Kimo is too old. He either needs a 1 year deal or let him go.

Hope I think we may pay because there are no viable replacements in FA, and a rook won't be able to step in at his level, but he'll be expensive to keep.

I think Townsend will be cut loose. I fully expect his role to be nickel back and McFadden to be the starter. If Deshea wants to start, let him go. If he wants to stay, he'll get back-up money.

I'm not sure about ARE...if the rumors are true, and teams covet him, he may become overvalued, and the Steelers are not going to pay big bank for a #2 receiver.
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