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Default Re: ron jawarski on pti

Originally Posted by Brady12
people use this 100 reasons expression, I don't think anyone can give more than 25.. If you can please post.
reason #1 for the steelers- jeromes mom cooked dinner for the team
#2 no coach has won a sb w/ 2 different teams
#3 s. alexander was held to 48 yds on 20 rushes last time they met
#4 bens better playoff record
#5 pitt. has never lost a sb in the white jersey
#6 cohwr powr.......

i could go on and on. i think both teams fans have posed 100 reasons why their team will win on these boards over the course of the past 2 weeks. i like the special teams take. seattle doesnt want to be pinned inside the 5 after a gardocki punt.

as for jaws, if anyone can suggest anyone better breaking down and analyzing tape i will tune in. (hoge dont count, already know which direction hes leaning in as far as picking games is concerned)
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