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Default Re: Time to get Offensive...

The thing to remember is that whether we got a break on that call or not, we went on to win the Super Bowl. What happened to the Raiders the following year when they got to the Super Bowl?

The Patriots are obligated to win in the AFC so as the Trophy can remain within this conference. We can't let these weak sisters represent us. That's why we had to take you out last year. Now if you've been getting your rest, taking your vitamins, and working out in the gym, you might be strong enough to go to the big game this year. But we'll be the ones making the selection, not you.

Notice to all Steeler players:

Hell Week

Begins: Sept. 25th

Time: 4:15 PM

Location: Heinz Field

Uniform: Bathing suits. You'll be spending a lot of time treading water

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