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Default Re: Steelers vs. Titans Game Day Thread - 9/10/09

Originally Posted by Nevermore View Post
I find facts about the game to be far from smack especially when confronted with "we beat the piss out of the Ravens"

But once again..... it is your world. We're just guests in it. Apparently living under a different set of rules.....
The amount our mods allow things to slide around here... especially from posters who are fans of other teams, are far from "a different set of rules"

See. First, you need to read the title. The title is what? STEELERS game day thread.

Now, how that got to the Ravens? I have no clue. But it is a TROLL that comes into a thread and starts to introduce completely diffrerent issues... especially ones that they like to harp on....

So... the fact that he started TROLLING in a thread is ENOUGH reason to boot him. Other rules? Not evne close.
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