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Default Re: Has Peter King Bitched About the OT Rules Again Yet?

Originally Posted by DaPhonz View Post
He tweeted about it last night:

"Overtime rules stink. Both teams need a possession. @michaelombardi. We can start the 09 season debating the overtime rules."
I stand corrected, but I don't pay any attention to Twitter. However, he didn't make it an issue in the most current column he wrote, like he did last January.

Here's what he said today, with not a peep about how "unfair" the OT rules are:

I'll forever wonder why Tennessee defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil called the dogs off late in the fourth quarter, with Pittsburgh driving to win. After Jevon Kearse demolished Ben Roethlisberger and left him reeling at the Tennessee 33 with six minutes left, the Steelers had a third-and-12 and were on the edge of field-goal range. One more strong rush, and the Titans could preserve a 10-7 lead and beat the Super Bowl champs. But Cecil called for a three-man rush, and Roethlisberger had enough time to throw for a 15-yard gain. A tie game soon followed, then a Steelers OT win. I can hear Tennessee fans everywhere saying this morning: "Damn pree-vent defense. All it did was prevent us from winning.''

Here's what he said last January:

The overtime rule continues to be the dumbest, stupidest, most indefensible rule the NFL has on its books. Giving a coin flip more power than Tony Soprano has now deprived us of a satisfactory ending to two pivotal games this year -- Jets-Patriots in Week 11, when the Patriots and 401-yard passer Matt Cassel never saw the ball in overtime after a heroic fourth-quarter comeback, and Colts-Chargers, when we didn't get to see the NFL MVP even play in the fifth quarter because it was a one-possession overtime.
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