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Default Re: Has Peter King Bitched About the OT Rules Again Yet?

I prefer the college system myself.

The Pro seems to moreso leave it chance on whether or not you've won the coin toss. And this is me,speaking moreso as a guy who's looking for entertaining games to watch, not strictly as a Browns fan.

When I saw the Steelers had won it, I knew right away what was going to happen.

Roethlisberger was going to lead a drive down field with relative ease because the Titans were playing the Conservative Zone/Prevent Defense, something he THRIVES off of. Get it down to the 20 and win the game via Field Goal. A very, very, very anti-climatic ending.

I propose that both teams get to start at the 50, like a more challenging version of the aforementioned college rules. After a couple of OT'S and the game isn't settle, a forced two point conversation is made mandatory just like the college rules.

I also think the "One-foot in bounds" rule should be imported into the pros and the playoff system should be exported into the NCAA. ;).
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