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Default Re: Steelers vs. Titans Game Day Thread - 9/10/09

Originally Posted by Nevermore View Post
To post on the behalf of Stover before he got banned (which I'm sure I will once this hits the streets.) The point was that you won. Absolutely. And that is all that matters. My observation, and the observation of many on this forum, was that the Steelers were going to dominate this game from start to finish. There was no way that the Titans with Kerry Collins were going to be able to stand up to Big Ben and the best defenst in the NFL last year. As it turned out, the game came down to a coin toss and a couple poor field goal kicks. I guess the perspective from those living outside of Pittsburgh is that a team that talked so much (at least fans) didn't not walk as much. Beronis makes either kick and the game is over.

A win regardless. And in the end of the season, all that matters. Congrats to the towl and the people who wave it. I see no reason that Stover got banned. All that he said was not derogatory, but actual fact. I will be standing by for my ban as well.

Fansince76 I see your trigger finger as quite twitchy, but hey, this is your land, so do as you like.......

Go Ravens.......!
The game didn't just come down to two missed FGs and a coin toss - Ben also absorbed a 19 yard sack when they were in otherwise chipshot Reed FG range and forced a punting situation instead.

Ward also fumbled going for the endzone which forced the OT as well.

Anyone with an unbiased eye that watched the game could clearly see the Titans were reeling and desperate for their lives towards the end of the game. Ben drove us down the field twice at the end of the game at will. The OT was just a do-over for a mistake that Ward almost never makes, the Titans were "lucky" for that just as we were "lucky" for missed FGs.

If we take away all the most obvious lucky breaks on both sides, its 16-13 Titans at best with the Steelers 1st and goal inside the 10 with ~50 seconds left to go and two timeouts. I like I our chances there. It was a hard fought game, the Titans are good team, but you cannot convince me that luck had anything to do with our winning - we outplayed them when all said and done.
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