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Default Re: Steelers vs. Titans Game Day Thread - 9/10/09

Originally Posted by steelwalls View Post

1. a holding on Starks was called in a huge situation, replay showed he never wrapped the guy, only fell on him....even Collinsworthless said it was a terrible call

2, No offensive pass interferance when Troy broke up that play at about the 15,,, infact he was called.

3. Troys INT he was face masked...not called.

Shut your pathetic mouths,,,, your team lost, they lost to a better team. Harp all day on how we cant run on your D.... only shows a team that cant run the ball can still kick your teams ass.. I wouldnt be so proud of that,
The refs still looked like they were in preseason mode. Lots of bad calls and non-calls seen on ty replay. With all the resources available to the NFL you would think they would find a fair way to officiate without having a striped crew resembling the entire Raider's organization. They need to have somebody or a crew up in the box reviewing the refs.

***Also, I cannot find the box scoring for the game anywhere on this forum or on the Steelers' website. Looking for yards/attempts, QB rating, and time of posession. Is it available anywhere online? I am not a fantasy guy, but just like stats and trend analysis. You have to look under a rock for meaningful stats for this team EXCEPT for Lombardi trophies.
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