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Default Re: Time to get Offensive...

Originally Posted by hardwork
"winning breeds winning"

27 years and counting. That's a pretty long gestation period.

1st off we won our last Super Bowl January 20, 1980 (SB XIV)...last time I checked it was 2005 not 2007, and well yah it's been a long time...hell I was not even 1 the last time we won, however, I am still a Steeler fan through the good times and the bad. I never met a Pats fan around here until they won their 1st SB. Now the bandwagoners have come out in full force. I know every team in the NFL have bandwagoners...that's just sports, but you have to give the Steelers fans credit for supporting our team through what I call a 25 year drought...because really we have have some fun great seasons...but have fallen short of the ultimate goal every year. You also can not discredit the four rings they have won. I guess if that's true, then next year when you don't win...your 3 of 4 doesn't count for anything will be in the past! I guess the 19 Hall of Famers we have don't count for anything either...because well they are from the past! How many do the Pats have??? 3-but they're nobodys...huh???

The drought end here though...this will be the year for the "the one for the thumb"

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