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: What a great ending. As much as I wanted the McDaniels to lose, this was just priceless. I was born and raised in Cincy, but my father and his family are from Pittsburgh and he still lives in Cincy so he keeps telling me stories from the local media about the team. The funniest one off the top of my head was that Chad Ochocino was adamantly predicting their offense to score 38 points...

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Carson Palmer is easily among the most overrated QB's in the league. Pundits treat him like a God when has hasn't done anything.
His first few seasons they guy had an air about him that made him seem unstoppable. But that was then. Now he seems rattled and lacks the confidence he once had. Of course I'm sure that can happen when you've never had any faith in your defense to bail you out, so you get this tremendous pressure built up upon you to do all the winning on your own. Ben doesn't have an easy job, but at least he doesn't have to worry about shootouts and the D giving up a TD after a game winning drive like that.
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