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Default Re: Found a nice seaturkey site

Originally Posted by brianski71
yeah keep talkin shit when your team is 5-11 next year and their attendance drops to about 1000 you dont deserve to be called 12th man unless you are atleast loyal
Loyal..hmmm..yeah ok it seems to be really fair that you guys can drive a shorter distance to the stadium than we can to get over half our state...yeah keep talking about "loyalty" if this were on the westcoast a different tune would be sung. That is niether here or there though and will be all the sweeter to win this thing as an "away" game if that is how it has to be, that is the furthest thing from our minds in truth because both our teams are better than to let a little thing like home and away sway us yes? Given neither of us have homefield advantage unless last time I looked you guys get no more of an allotment of tickets than we do?

A quick score should take out the corporate bigwigs quicklike don't you agree?

And it isn't like we haven't suffered though losing seasons since our creation so could you at least hit us were it hurts?
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