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Default Re: Jordan's Hall of Fame Speech.

As a citizen of Illinois, I can tell you that there was a time that Jordan was worshiped here, but probably before the rest of the nation lost that infatuation with his "air-ness", local word was out that both him and Scottie Pippen were world class tools. Both were cool in front of the media but rude when the press turned off the cameras.

I was, and still am in awe of the way that Michael played the game and I appreciate the fact that he ushered in an age of B-ball that was incredibly enjoyable...BUT...what Jordan did at the HOF was typical of the pampered, borish playground bully that he was and that he tried to hide when image meant more to him then it does now.

That being said...I was MORE proud of Jerry Sloan. I am raised in a small town of 2,700 people. We had little, when I was growing up to distinguish ourselves from the thousands of small town farming communities across the nation except that we were the home town of Jerry Sloan.

To this day, during the off season he still goes to the same breakfast cafe as the rest of the farmers. While sitting, and before he stands his full intimidating height, he looks like the rest of the "good ole boys" there. There is a reason for that...he is. He never presented himself as better than anyone else. He never flaunted his fame or wealth...and more thatn once I had to lend money to his son so that we could go out because Brian failed to do his chores and didnt get his allowance. His kids were well mannered and humble and his wife (before her death) thought of our town as "home". Amazingly enough, I recall that they ALWAYS seemed to "adopt" some kid with a poor home life...taking him to games, buying school supplies and clothes and giving him an open door policy to their house.

He is a man with class and character and deserving of the HOF through his sheer work ethic. Too bad that there was such a contrast between Jerry and Michael that night.
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