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Originally Posted by 1st&Goal View Post
I agree with your observation that this was more a mugging than a tackle. The ball carrier didn't even have the luxury of downing the ball to end the play while he was suspendd above the field, being gang-mugged. Keep in mind though, that sportsmanship means nothing to the cheatriots. Still, I fufrthur agree that that this type of "lets hold the guy up in the air until we strip the ball" kind of play is BS. I wonder why its ok to do this on a special teams play, but what would be the reaction if this happened on a regular play?

If anyone out there knows if there are rules about holding the ball carrier up so as to affect a turnover, please enlighten me. Maybe, this is something the leaue should address.
Thank You! They also missed several holding calls on the Cheatriots.
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