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Default Re: WTF: refs trying to give game to pats

Originally Posted by ETL;
Forget that post. The bills decided to shoot themselves and help the refs. Fumble in kickoff with 2 min left. What a tool. Buffalo has something in it's water that turns their football players to dumbf*cks
I agree with your statement.
But on another note:
I was baffled by the poor, draggin' one foot through the sand game the Cheatriots played. I mean, c'mon! All that media "Brady's back and the Pats are ranking #1 all over again" thrown hype.
Boy.....whoaaaaa....If WE had played them we would've whooped their sorry a***s all the way outta Foxborough and to the middle of the Atlantic!
What a pathetic game...and against the Bills? And at home???
I can't wait to see them taking the Titans on, Oct.18 in Week 6!
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