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Originally Posted by solardave View Post
You're right that he should have taken a knee but you miss my point. My question is when gang tackling (and I love gang tacking) where is the skill in holding the man up so your team mate can tear it loose? Knocking the ball out tales some timing and skill but mugging the guy tales absolutely no skill. IMO it's a form of holding and should be penalized. Now after thinking about it I DO HATE THE PATRIOTS!
There's nothing in the rules that prevent it...and it happens at all levels. We were coached to watch for that sort of stuff when I was in HS. If you were on defense and you saw a guy get stood up...your job was to strip the ball. Take them down as a tackler...but if you stand the guy up...hold on so that your teammates can get to him and strip the ball.

It's smart football until the rules are changed. And while you say it takes no skill, try holding up a ball carrier that wants to go down or wants to gain an extra yard.
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