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Default Re: WTF: refs trying to give game to pats

Originally Posted by HughC View Post
Do you have any idea how the NFL comes up with its schedule?

It's a simple rotation: besides the six division games, you also have four games against another division in your conference, once every three years; four games against each team from a division outside your conference, once every four years; and two games against teams that finished in the same place that your team did.

Once you go through those rotations you repeat, alternating home and away. Fans get to see every team within their conference play their team twice in six years, once home and once away. And fans get to see their team play every team in the other conference twice every eight years, once home and once away.

Considering the Steelers schedule this year, I wouldn't advise getting in to a debate about another team having an "easy" schedule. I think your hatred of the Patriots may be clouding your common sense.
Huh....I know how schedule works....although not true for alterning home and away.They do alternate but it's not necessary the next time,sometimes team can be away against the same team 2 or 3 consecutive games before having the next 2 or 3 at home.(which means they didnt have to ''absolutely'' put the Pats at home against the Ravens as it is not even a rotation game)

Now yeah we might have an ''easy schedule'' but we didnt steal it that's my point.We had the toughest schedule since the 70's last year.What I'm saying is that I just find it weird that all the toughest games the Patriots are having this year(toughest physical teams I mean) are all at home and the 2 best opponents they are facing away are in a dome(Colts and Saints).

So yeah maybe I'm blinded by my hate for the Patriots but we dont get things like that in Steeler country,no in fact we get strip from evening games at Heinz against the rat birds

but anyway we'll see in the long run if those patriots are for real,hopefully we put a L on their road
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