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Default Re: Under dogs Pats gritty win????

Originally Posted by sharkweek View Post
At the same time I think I'd rather be neglected than doted upon.

The media doesn't like the Steelers because they they're not sexy and chic. And the analysts don't like them because they're too complicated and unpredictable.

Also, the situation with the Titties game is a bad one to get upset over. Just about everyone predicted a tough game and many even picked the Titans to win. There's less need to report the "news" there. Whereas everyone is slobbing all over the Pats to reclaim their rightful crown and do it with ease, so when they slip up along the way failing to crush the Bills, it makes the analysts look bad, so they have to twist it in a way that makes themselves look good despite making incorrect predictions.
I hope we meet their sorry asses in the playoffs since we don't play during the season.

After we beat them the press will say they had an off day. Poor Poor Marsha.

Kind of makes us feel like the other Bradk kids but that alright. they don't see us coming.
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