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Default Re: Under dogs Pats gritty win????

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
You're right - the bestest, most wonderfulest, most dreamiest, most clutchiest QB in the history of the universe willed his team to victory. In fact, he used his super-neato mind control and of telekinesis powers to force McKelvin to inexplicably return the ball when he could have downed it and force the fumble to boot.
Had the bills downed the ball, they would have started at the 20 before the 2 minute warning and, because of the patriot's 3 time outs, they might have had to throw for the first, (barring a great running play). That game was by no means over if the bills had downed the ball. The defense made that fumble happen which is what a good defense does.

I'll tell you where the Bills gave the game away. They gave it away when they started playing 'prevent' with Brady backed up inside the 20 with 5 minutes left. Pressure caused Brady to throw that pick for six. Pressure caused McKelvin to fumble the ball.

Lesson of the Evening: If you pressure Brady, he'll make mistakes. If you sit back and play to prevent the big play, he'll pick you apart with short passes.
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