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Default Re: Under dogs Pats gritty win????

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I agree with the prevent in ONE scenario only...when the team behind has the ball with less than 10 seconds to go and needs a FG or TD and/or more than 40 yards to get in FG range or score a TD. Then you rush 3 and stand a bunch of dudes in front of the where they need to be...

That's about it...

BUT, this is beside the point...the fact is the Pats played a shit team at home, and that shit team had to implode for them to pull out the victory. SOME people on this board predicted that the Pats aren't really all that sans cheating, and isn't this just a tiny bit of evidence supporting such a notion?
Sure, if Brady continues to play like this then some element that was formerly there is now clearly missing, but if he improves then, probably, his timing was just off for his first outing in a year. We'll see.
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