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Default Re: Under dogs Pats gritty win????

Originally Posted by The Patriot View Post
Had the bills downed the ball, they would have started at the 20 before the 2 minute warning and, because of the patriot's 3 time outs, they might have had to throw for the first, (barring a great running play). That game was by no means over if the bills had downed the ball. The defense made that fumble happen which is what a good defense does.

I'll tell you where the Bills gave the game away. They gave it away when they started playing 'prevent' with Brady backed up inside the 20 with 5 minutes left. Pressure caused Brady to throw that pick for six. Pressure caused McKelvin to fumble the ball.

Lesson of the Evening: If you pressure Brady, he'll make mistakes. If you sit back and play to prevent the big play, he'll pick you apart with short passes.
Nope I seen 1 prevent called and the rest cover 2. Either way the bills were moving the ball they would have won I truely believe that. One bone head play was the difference. And you act like the Cards are scrubs, from what I seen of the Pats the other night the Cards would decimate them.
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