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Default Appreciate your prayers

I posted this in another thread when I realized I was getting a little mouthy with El G. Figured if it was getting to me that much, I should probably ask for some prayers...
Having a bad week... one of my best friends is in Bulgaria. His mother and father have already passed away. Now his aunt Berta just died last night, and I will be doing her funeral. I am learning family secrets I NEVER wanted to know. Furthermore, Berta lived with her daughter and son in law, who has another lady whose daughter died two years ago. She was 14 and died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. She was hanging on to the back of the boat and basically suffocated herself... her Blood Alc. content was WAY over the limit of drunkeness. I preached that girls funeral and was devastated... I walked into the room last night where the woman was lying, dying, and was confronted with the mother from the worst funeral I ever had to preach--(the daughter was also sexually molested by a wrestling coach 9 months before, and was ran out of town for going to the authorities because the coach was beloved).
So I am acting not only as a minister and a friend to this family, but in many ways, a proxy for one of my best friends in his family. It all makes me miss my friend that much more... on top of everything else.

SO I would appreciate all your prayers.
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