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Default Re: Is it just me.

Originally Posted by Ravnet View Post
No, most Pittsburgh fans are similarly jealous

The ravens aren't jealous of the Steelers though. No not at all. They're also afraid to play them here on Monday night. They had to cry to the commish ( who by the way is rumored to be employed part time by BOB KRAFT!) I say part time because they only need him to make things go away. This is not about jealousy. IT'S ABOUT CHEATING AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!!! We're not jealous. Jealous of what.That we can't have a copy of everyone's play book? You 2 (ravnet and the cheatriot) are pathetic.

Here's one for you.

A second grade school teacher in Baltimore told all the ravens fans to raise their hands.
All but one did. She asked this young boy if he was not a football fan. He replied that he was but he was a Steeler fan. She asked him why on earth he would not support the ravens? He said both of his parents were Steeler fans.

Then she asked him: If both of your parents were Morons what would you be?

He said a ravens fan.( or a cheatriots fan)
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