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Default Re: Help Name the Cowboys’ Stadium

Originally Posted by steelreserve View Post
Please, God, let the low asking price attract a malt liquor sponsor. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Olde English "800" Stadium for the next decade.

That failing, I vote for the Texas Toilet.
Schlitz Field
Country Club Coliseum

Schlitz is close enough to Shit in pronunciation to add to the Toilet/Urinal theme.

And its a hot day here and Shitz Field, a little bit later in the broadcast we'll go down to the field and talk with Tony Homo and what the Cowbells will need to do to avoid choking this year, but before that lets talk about the hot topic of the day. Did Wade Philips fail to give a reach around to reach around to TO? And was that the reason for the turmoil here in Dallas? We'll give you that story and more after a word from our sponsors.
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