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Hey everyone,
I am posting this here because this is the forum where generally all the news articles are posted. I have noticed as the more popular our boards have become there has been a huge increase in multiple threads from same source articles. I know I have made the mistake of posting a duplicate. But I think would help dramatically is instead of putting ones own title for the thread instead can get a little confusing of where you have read an article earlier. What I mean is that maybe we should amend the sticky on article posting to require the title of the thread to be the title of the article and in parenthesis be the parent location.

1.) Sweed out, Timmons in (nflfromethesidelines)
2.) Steelers's Sweed out with foot injury (Post-gazette)

I believe this should cut down on duplicate news articles from the same location. Before anyone askes apparently you didn't read the other thread and act all high and mighty, some of us travel for work and are only able to check once a day or every other day. when we come back there are 2 pages of new threads to read and it is very easily lost in the shuffle if it is timmons is back as the title but in the article it referenced as Sweed out.. with naming it this way a person can scan the titles of the threads and make a quick and clear decision, was this POSTED OR NOT.
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