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Default Re: WTF: refs trying to give game to pats

Originally Posted by HughC View Post
Still true for alternating home and away in regards to schedule rotations. Nobody at the NFL offices is 'fixing' schedules. Teams also alternate in regards to the 1st vs 1st, 2nd vs 2nd schedules. Due to the way they set up those rotations sometimes one team will be home two or even three years in a row against a team, and then away two or three years in a row against that team. It's all pre-determined by the rotation formula; nobody can change a home game to an away game or an away game to a home game.

In regards to them playing the Titans at home this year, if you look it up there's a simple explanation: last time they played the AFCS it was in Tennessee. As far as playing the Ravens at home, that's because of the way the 1st-1st, 2nd-2nd rotation works.

For example, let's look at the top AFCE teams since that's who we're discussing:
In '06 their div games are AFCS; then it's home vs west (den) and at the north (pitt).
'07 is div games vs AFCN; home vs west (sd) and at the south (indy).
'08 is div games vs AFCW; home vs north (pitt), away at south (indy).
'09 is div games vs AFCS; home vs north (balt), away at west (denv).
'10 will be div games vs AFCN; home vs south and away at west.
Should it continue '11 will be div games vs AFCW; home vs south and away at north.

So yes, teams can indeed be home (or away) against a specific team two or even three consecutive times. However, there is no man behind the curtain putting the Ravens on the road against New England, or anything like that. Even those final two games have a specific order to them, including where those games are played.

The reason I advised against bringing up the schedule is not so fans from another team would school you - which they would - it was because I didn't want Steeler fans to look like they didn't know what they were talking about.
I see well seems like i was wrong,but how come we played the buccaneers 2 consecutive times in Tampa Bay before playing in Pittsburgh in 2006 ? It wasnt an ''additional game'' it was a rotational game so it should have been home-away no ?
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