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Default Re: new NFL show for UK.

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
they canceled your MNF ??? i think a show like this is a good tuturiol for the newbies that wanna learn , but as the one comment pointed out, its not gonna be too appealing to the veteran audience. i think the clip focused a little too much on the violence of the game , instead of the strategy. it made it look a bit barbaric. the shows host are a bit questionable. they've got the one guy dressed like business man and the other looks like she's ready for a punk rock concert. i would think maybe hiring an ex NFL player as a host would lend a bit of credibility to the show.
Thanks for the comments MOP.
I`ve just watched the show today and to be honest it wasn`t too bad.Not perfect but nowhere near as bad as I`d feared.
They had a feature on Favre,49ers Vernon Davis,the Cowboys,extended highlights of the Bills@Pats plus a kicking tutorial with David Akers in person.
Worst part,they featured some idiot astrologist giving forth his wisdom on Chad 85.
The presenters were ok...the punk girl is Natalie Pinkham(see below !!).....supposedly a,cough, `friend` of Prince Harry.
As you said it would have been good if they had featured the strategy of the game and the programme is aimed at attracting new fans to the sport.
For what it`s worth I`d give it 7/10

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