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Default Re: Your Top ?Hated NFL Teams (Steelers Fans Only

Number One has to be (if your a true and long time Steelers fan) the Dallas FagBoys. The rest in no particular order;

San Francisco - never saw a ball that didn't bounce our way, in the 80's that is.
Denver -former home of the horse face Elway, current home of a certain rat face coach.
Baltimore - Jailbirds that never go to jail!! Some of them literally get away with murder. Take a guess!
New England - extremely lucky and well coached, much to our chagrin.
The Oakland Raiders - the original Chain Gang that never goes to jail where they belong.

Now that that is out of the way - maybe we can also add a list of the worst fans in the NFL. If you haven't had a chance to visit many opposing stadiums this might be difficult.

Dallas (South America's Team)
Oakland - Belligerant, quick to pick a fight, but only when their numbers are superior.
Phoenix ?- even more belligerant, but this is caused by supporting a team who ALWAYS loses and the need to vent.
San Francisco - Arrogant, egotistical bastards
Fair weather fans need not apply, only those who bleed BLACK & GOLD!!
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