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Default Re: Pittsburgh Highlights

Originally Posted by luvmysteelers has some great pics.

Primantis, the Strip, Station Square, a ride on the incline, the stadiums.

What about your city, what would you show any of us if we were coming to visit?
IMO, the coolest stuff about Seattle is what surrounds it. The city essentially surrounded by water with the Puget Sound on one side and Lake Washington to the east. We are also surrounded with views of mountains, the Olympics to the west and Cascades to the east. So we get killer sunrises and sunsets (when you can see the sun).

All those mountains and their forests, canyons, glaciers, and rivers offer endless opportunities for hiking, climbing (all types, but the ice climbing is pretty limited), river and sea kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, skiing and boarding, etc. You can see why REI started here.

And Mount Ranier, south of Seattle is a great destination. Its about as tall as the Rockies 14,400 feet) but IMO way more impressive than any other lower 48 mountain because it is essentially rising from sea level and laden with massive glaciers.

The Olympic National park is a ferry ride and and some driving to teh west. It has amazing beaches, peaks and rainforests that are amazing.

Plenty of boating to be done and checking out Orcas and occasionally grey whales.

So you can see I have a bias towards outdoor stuff. But that is what I think makes this place most special for me. The rain can be a drag, but there isn't actually more rain than most other places in the US. The difference is that we get lots of constant drizzle from late fall to early spring, but rarely get true downpours. And its amazingly green out here as a result.

In the city though... We too are pretty proud of our ball park and Stadiums. You've all probably heard about Qwest Field at this point. Huskie Stadium is shaped like a horse shoe and open to a view of Lake Washington and the Cascades. A significant number of people come to the games by boat.

We've got some good art museums. the Seattle Art museum has a good collection of native art and has an Asian art museum as well. The Frye art museum has a strong collection and is free.

The international district has a bunch of cheap and good Asian food.

Pioneer Square is one of the more historic areas in Seattle, but out here that means its got buildings that are about 100 years old. There is night life there but it can get a bit thugish (See Ken Hamlin's head injury).

Pikes Place Market is a must - its just an open air co-op with losts of produce, fish, and art. This is where people go to see the fish throwers.

You can always take a ride up Space Needle to get a view. Definately worth doing once if you catch it on a clear day. And a ferry ride or driving north bound on highway 99 offers good views of downtown and the sound.

the best times to come out are July through September if the thought of rain scares you. We are actually drier than a lot of the nation those month because we don't get thunderstorms often.

OK, I've been typing too much. But I gotta try to represent...

You are all welcome any time. Maybe we should have a fan exchange program next season. Have your diplomants start by sending us some pandas.
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