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Default Re: Steelers vs. Bears Game Day Thread - 9/20/09

Originally Posted by Indo View Post
Perhaps I missed the post you made LAST WEEK giving props to Reed for WINNING the game...

I'm not bitching at you for having an opinion---
It's your testoserone-driven assholeness in telling someone to shut the fuuk up for NOT agreeing with YOUR opinion, you Douche
You are the one that is laughable in thinking that Common Courtesy doesn't apply to you
lol all the name-calling shows how classy you are...doesn't bother me though. I actually like it. But you don't know me playboy so all that you doin is funny. I didn't tell him to shut the fukk up for disagreeing with my opinion because he didn't disagree. If you can't comprehend, then don't comment. Common courtesy is letting people have their opinion about the team they love. Because the assholes don't kiss the teams ass in a loss doesn't make them less worthy of being a fan. You sound stupid.

Last week I was tired after the game and since I have a job, I went to sleep. Is that ok with you...
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