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Default Re: Top 5 reasons Steelers will win.

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43
Top Five Reasons the Seahawks will win using your average Seahawk fan's logic....

5) Because when you think of football, you think of Seattle, that's for sure.

4) The media hasn't shown us the attention and respect we deserve. I mean seriously, we beat the Redskins and Panthers in that tough conference known as the NFC.

3) Because we have a motto that we ripped off from Texas A&M because we are having problems establishing our own identity in the NFL. Why do you think we wear the colors we do? Except us please? Please?

2) Hey, did we mention we have a QB that is bald? Yeah, seriously...he's bald. He also makes idiotic comments during coin tosses, but he's bald. That's a lock right there.

1) Finally, because we have never won a Super Bowl and we deserve it...

My point here...........don't be an ass. It can go both ways.
Alright- now we're talking. Some of that was pretty good. I liked the bald thing best!

Prediction: Steelers 54 Seattle 1.
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