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Default Re: Top 5 reasons Steelers will win.

Portland fan: count yourself lucky you don't have to play against him tomorrow. That's a scary man, let me tell you.

You want to see what's so different about the AFC, and that's a good thing, because the Seahawks certainly will. "Finishing tackles" is defined well by this Pittsburgh Steeler team, and you will understand that soon enough.

Also, as others here have said, Joey Porter is simply getting the guys fired up, not unlike what he did before the Indy game. Did he deliver on the field? Yes, he did, but more importantly, he drew attention to himself by calling the Dolts "weak." It opened lanes for Polamalu, who totally, TOTALLY disrupted the game for Manning.

There is method to the madness, and if you allow yourself to, you can learn something about the game from this bunch. It's been special to watch this year.

My take? I can hardly believe the Steelers are only giving up 4 points in Vegas. If I were there, I'd be in the Caesar's Sports book with my betting slip on the Steelers in 4 figures, and the ****tail waitresses would be taking care of me. ;)
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