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Default Re: Steelers vs. Bears Game Day Thread - 9/20/09

Originally Posted by Steel12 View Post
lol...they treat this place like a cult and outsiders (i.e. posters with less than 5,000 posts) aren't allowed.
Now, I know he is banned.

But this post STILL needs to be addressed.

When, for the LAST TIME, will people ever learn that post count DOES NOT MATTER.

Attitude does.

Like I have said before. You don't walk into the local bar and start raving in front of a bunch of strangers do you? This is an ONLINE community. People here KNOW one other. Many of us have met others off-line and have developed friendships. So why in the world would expect to be able to get away with here, what you would NEVER do or get away with when sitting face to face with someone?
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