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Default Re: Top 5 reasons Steelers will win.

you know....I really think you need to lay off the drugs...let me give you some reasons we will win:
1) We are more physical...we will make this game a street fight fight from the start...not something Seattle is accustomed to.
2) You're team seems a little nurvous and unexperience with the attention...eventhough this is the first SB for our guys...they are used to being in the spotlight and they know how to handle it.
3) Big Ben has confidence and has been on target and also has stayed out of the spotlight. Thanks to the Bus and Peazy!
4) Home Field Advantage...the Steelers don't have to beg for fans on Media Day and we all know that there will be at least 85% Steelers Fans
5) WE RIDE!!!!
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