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Default Re: WTF: refs trying to give game to pats

Originally Posted by HughC View Post
2002 (away) and 2006 (home) were part of the current rotation.

2001 was part of a completely different setup when there were only three divisions in each conferense, and there were a different number of teams in each division. 2001 schedule was also screwy because there were 31 teams in the league that year.

The current setup can still end up with up to three consecutive home (or away) games against a specific team because a "1 vs 1" plays home twice in a row (or away twice in a row) and then in the third year those two teams could meet in "this division vs that division", and that div-div rotation could happen to be be on the same home/away rotation.
Oh well thanks Ive always thought that schedule rotation and the 2 additional games that we play were synchronized.

like we played the Broncos in 07 in Denver but it was a non-rotational game and we're playing them this year in Denver and I was wondering why 2 consecutive games in Denver it made no-sense.And yeah didnt think about the 31 teams in 2001.

Then I appologize for the false statement that ive made ....league wants the pats to win the SB but they cant fix the schedule :p
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