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Default Re: Miami's Wildcat Formation

I think the wildcat works for Miami because they just run it a lot better than anyone else. They've got good personnel for it and they obviously practice it a lot. Other teams try to copy it and end up doing it half-assed, so it gets the same results as any other harebrained scheme. I mean, come on? Parker running the wildcat with our offense last year, in a singleback formation? Not a very good setup.

One more thing I noticed with Miami: They ran just about every snap like it was not only the wildcat, but it might also be a trick play on top of that. They did a much better job selling that than most teams I've seen. Most of the imitators just put a running back behind center and expect the defense to go "OMG, A DIRECT SNAP! EVERYBODY PANIC!!!" which, of course, they don't. But varying the plays and creating confusion got the Dolphins a lot of yards.

Anyway ... yes, most defenses are going to be all over the wildcat when most teams try it. It might still get some decent results for Miami, though.
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