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Default Re: Buckeyes Roll Out New Offense Centered On Pryor...

Well, to an extent, I agree, BUT with the caveat that, with proper on-field execution, Tress' plan usually does work.

His philosophy is simple: You manage games. Play for field position, run the ball to control the clock, occasionally exploit your opponent for a big play when they get caught napping, play stout defense, make the other team execute, and win close games. The problem that's plagued them is without really opening up, they lack the ability, IN SPITE OF the fact that they are perennially loaded with playmakers, to play from behind. That's why they lost those Championship games. THEY got caught napping, and by time they woke up, the game was already over.

There is a different type of game that he's losing now that he used to almost always win, and that's was "the close ones". There was a time just a couple years ago when, as a Buck fan, if you up by 5 points in the 4th, you felt comfortable that the Buckeyes D would bend but not break, and they'd squeak out the close one. Texas and PSU burst that bubble last year, and USC did it again this year (so far).

All this leads me to believe they just need to open up the offense more, and do it earlier in the game. Jumping up by 3 TD's and STILL passing the football after that is NOT a sin. It's actually necessary now in this age of spread offenses that can toss up 21 points in 5 minutes.

I think he's learning to adjust, just as others have learned to adjust for him. The next two years will be key, because while this year is a clear rebuild, they are going to be loaded AND experienced next year, and there will be few excuses...
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