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Default Re: Who do you want to win the SB?

I am a die hard Steelers fan who lives in Philly and I do not want the Eagles to win the SB. The players and the fans do not deserve it. They are the worse fans out there and if I hear one more time how the Steelers s*&k I will scream. I spent the entire season being constantly harrassed by my co-workers and called a trader for loving my Steelers. I can honestly tell you that Eagles fan hate the Steelers. They were rooting for the Steelers to win on Sunday as they felt that if the Steelers won, they had the SB in the bag. they not remember that we kicked their *ss twice this season and we would have done it again in the SB? Do all Eagles fan live in fantasy land? Well, I hope they get their wings clipped once and for all 'cause I would love nothing more than to watch them drown in their sorrows at a SB loss. GO PATRIOTS!
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