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Default Re: Official Juarez drug war death count thread

Originally Posted by MattsMe View Post
I will probably be flying to El Paso sometime in the next few weeks for work. I had planned on going south of the border while I was there. This thread makes me think twice.
1) you now need a passport.

2) NOBODY really goes down their for leisure anymore. 5 years ago thousands of high schoolers and college students (amongst 10's of thousands of others) would flock the city for night clubbing and liberal drinking laws.

3) plenty of people used to make the short trip from el paso, cruces, alamogordo just to go to the mercado, and have some good mexican food. shopping was cheap, and fun.

4) i have about 10 employees with dual citizenship who used to go atleast once a month (if not weekly) to visit family, go to the doctor/dentist, buy their prescriptions.

not no more.

5) a donkey show simply isnt worth the risk.

6) if youre white, i dont know if it helps or hurts your chances. the murders are fairly calculated, but it doesnt matter who gets caught in the crossfire. in the past they have actually warned "tourists" to stay away when big hits are planned.

odds say, that if you are simply crossing to go a few blocks in, buy a sombrero, onyx chess, set, wooden puppet, a $15 bottle of oxycontin, $7 bottle of tequilla w/ the worm, and sit in a cantina for a cerveza and taco, you are probably pretty safe.

most of the locals i encounter figure its no longer worth the risk. (which means giving up on some good dog racing tracks, sports betting bars, and strip joints/ BJ shacks).
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