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Default Re: Miami's Wildcat Formation

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
I dont know. If you have OT's in the prime of their career like Jon Ogden, Walter Jones, Orlando Pace, Jordan Gross........those guys market is pretty close to $10mil a season.

I agree that Rookie salaries should be slotted and capped like the NBA, but I disagree that only the QB, RB, WR's deserve $10mil a season sentiment.
That's where we disagree. Yes, market value for a top OL is that high, but I still think it's a mistake to put 10 percent of your salary cap toward any one player unless he's capable of singlehandedly winning a game for you, or at least capable of dominating for a series or two at a time and changing the makeup of the game.

That means QBs, RBs, a few (very few) WRs, and certain pass rushers. OLs and DBs don't really fit that category because they're only as effective as the guy next to them, and you can't pay the entire unit premium money. I really think, given the limitations of the cap, you're better off trying to pay decent money to 4-5 decent starters at OL and DB than you are by breaking the bank for one superstar and potentially leaving a hole somewhere. Like you said, finding capable young guys through the draft or cheap reliable veterans is always a help ... when you can find them.

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Miami invested big money in Jake Long and Vernon Carey. They brought in Porter in free agency and I think are paying Ronnie Brown OK money too. Then Parcells drafts Langford, Merling, vontae Davis and Sean Smith. Its kind of like the Steelers in you pay the cornerstone vets and draft young talent to play cheaper.
The Dolphins are actually very, very lucky in one respect: They got a temporary pass with the salary cap because they were able to find a quality QB at a bargain-basement price due to injury concerns. Pennington is making less than $4 million a year, and probably would've commanded at least double that if they'd known he could play at a high level for sure. Ronnie Brown's also still under his rookie contract, which is paying him $3 million and change -- not cheap, but below market for a good RB. If not for that, they would've had to make a tough cut somewhere else, and this offseason, they'll probably have to. Not a good sign for a team that needs to strengthen a few positions on defense. Hope they draft well, and cheaply.
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