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Default Re: Plaxico Burress sentenced to 2 years in prison on weapons charge

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
I think it's about time that players start to realize they can't get away with it just because they get paid millions of dollars to play a kid's game.

Celebrities need to be made examples of just like they make examples of every day joe's. Some times they get lenancy and some times their stupidity in court (aka not taking the first plea deal) gets them in the arse!
you got it right . also he tryed to cover up everything whan it happend to . he was tryign to get the bouncers to not tell on him and make up some story , he got what he should have for being A hole . and for all of you who say well he just shot him self . he just got lucky it was just him self . he had no control over the gun . could have killed some one . 2 yrs if he good boy 20 months . if he would have taken the 60 days he could have been out in 45
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