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Default Did the Jets tamper with Crabtree?

So, do you think they did?

I don't think so. I think the 49ers are looking for an excuse on why they can't sign him, and this is the perfect way.

There were rumors that the Jets tampered with Brandon Marshall in Denver. It's also no secret that the Jets don't have a go-to receiver for Sanchez to throw to.

Will they draft Crabtree if he re-enters the draft in 2010? It's possible.

Crabtree's agent represents more players than just Crabtree, and he has at least one player on the Jets. So he does have reason to talk with the Jets.

It's also possible that he was gauging team's interest in Crabtree for next year's draft before telling him if he should re-enter or not.

I hope that a new CBA is in place before the draft and that there is a rookie salary structure in there....and Crabtree ends up with a whole lot less than what the 49ers was offering.

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