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Default Re: ESPN NFL Power Rankings after week 2

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
The rats defense will be top 10 overall and the offense will be top 15. They will probably finish 9-7 or 10-6 (The SD win wasn't one I counted on, but the Chargers were missing LT and STILL almost won, even without a running game).

Looking at their upcoming games:
-Cleveland (trap game, but...the Browns are worse than KC) Win
-At NE...Brady will light 'em up. Loss
-Cinci- Home game, but I think the Bengals will also score at will by throwing the ball. Loss, but COULD be a win.
-At Minn. Loss.
-Denver. Struggle with the Chiefs, struggle with "Air Orton". Win (Denver sucks)
-Indy. Loss

4-4 and on track to a .500 or maybe one win above .500 season.
I'll dispute that a bit.

-Cleveland...everyone calls that a trap game, but Cleveland is always a tough opponent (you know, that history thing). But they do suck this year. Win
-At NE...the Jets showed that this year, the Cheatriots aren't the team they used to be. Eff the prevent. Get in Brady's face. Win
-Cinci... I think this game could go either way, especially if Palmer has a hot day.
-At Minn... Peterson is a great RB, but he won't go over 100 yards. Favre will get sacked aplenty. Win
-Denver. You said it. Denver sucks. Win
-Indy... You also said it. Manning just knows how to beat Baltimore. And there's that history thing again. Loss

So, I see 6-2 if Cincy pulls one out at home.

I also see the Steelers at either 6-2 or 5-3 at most. And both Baltimore and Pittsburgh hovering around 10-6 or 11-5 at season's end, with maybe one of them winning the division at 12-4.
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