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Default Re: Best wishes to Pittsburgh (from a Pats fan)

Thanks redsahx!

Philly fans are definately bandwagon fans. When the Sixers are doing good, they are all about the Sixers. I remember before Iverson, they had to do mail marketing to get people out to the games. Not much hype i n past years about the Phillies. The past 4 years the fans have increased. Heck I remember hearing on the news when I first moved from the Pittsburgh area to the Philly area about how Veterns stadium had a small jail to contain their obnoxious fans. Not that any other fans get drunk and crazy, yet it was bad here in Philly.

Regardless of the team, you got to love die-hard fans! When the team is doing its best (16-2), just ok, or its worse (6-10), they are there, following the games, cheering on! And when a championship comes there way, the die-hards feel the truest satisfaction!

Once again us Steelers fan go back to being patient. We have a team that will be good for years to come! Go Steelers!

Steelers Football: Simply the Best!
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