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Default Re: Did the Jets tamper with Crabtree?

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
What team is going to sign a rookie prima-donna TO wanna-be? If the kid doesn't sign a contract this year only a freakin' idiot would draft this kid in the first round. I probably wouldn't want him the second either.

There's a system in place and he wants to buck the system, more his agent wants to buck the system.

He didn't get top 5 money this year and he probably won't get it next year either.

As for the tampering, people need to get a grip. While teams probalby push the envelope with tampering with veterans, as Rev said, with draft picks not.
What I think it was is that Crabtree's agent asked the Jets about their interest in Crabtree and they either said that they would have some if he re-entered the draft or they told him to shut his yap and only talk to them about players on their roster who he reps, and then he took that info to the 9ers in an attempt to get them to offer a better deal.

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