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Default Re: Did the Jets tamper with Crabtree?

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
Then I'll show you an idiot GM/Coach who desires to destroy his locker room. Hmmm, maybe he'll end up in detroit, not like they haven't drafted a WR in a few years. But even at the 20-25 spot he still won't be making the money he could have had this year - if the team follows the unwritten, yet general rules of paying draft picks.
Trust me, some team will be desperate enough to look past the diva part, and desperate enough to give him a big contract too. How do you think T.O. finds a job every year?

What the agent is trying to negotiate right now is probably a sign-and-trade deal for more than the 49ers are offering. (Actually more like a trade-and-sign, but same idea). I think if he really thought Crabtree was going to go back into the draft, he'd have him sign the Niners' contract in an instant instead of taking that kind of chance.

In either case, what a douche. Both Crabtree and his agent. If they actually go through with this, they both ought to be banned from the NFL for life.
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