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Default Re: If you were a gm for an expansion team..

I would say Russell... He's not actually THAT bad, a lot of the issue with him right now is they are working on his footwork, so he'll set his feet properly out of habit. His big arm in college let him get away with sloppy technique. And he seems to have improved... The end of last year he was doing pretty good, and he's done well this year in the shotgun when he has less time to think about doing it right and just does it.

So I think once his comfort comes back to him he'll be alright. The guy was benched up until last season more or less... So he while he's in his third year he's really more in his second year in terms of experience. As far as making passes go, when he sets his feet right he's on the money, he has some issues with the overthrowing his receivers because of not setting them...

In teams of actually being able to play, the guys fairly clutch. He will appear to suck most of the game and then right at the end he'll make pass after pass and move the chains to score... So I'd say once he stops thinking so much about doing everything right and just does it, along with getting more comfortable with all the rookie receivers he'll be solid. You don't see him miss people like Miller(TE) or Schillens(think thats his name), just these young bucks, though he seems to be pretty trusting of Murphy also.

Plus a lot of it has to do with receivers dropping passes or running routes wrong. But mostly to do with the footwork. So I'd have to say if I was a GM for an expansion team I'd go with Russell because he's learned the playbook pretty well and he can make the throws, its just a matter of polishing him up the rest of the way...

The other guys on this list there's little hope for(except for Quinn maybe).
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